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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nov. & Dec. Theme

I was just called as a teacher in the Relief Society as well as Provident Living specialist, so for the third week (which is the week of my lesson) I have the member of the Presidency that is conducting bare their testimony of the principle we are focusing on for the month. Since in November we focused on the idea of making a budget and living within our means, for the last handout I got a memo pad I found grocery shopping one day of large $50 bills. I rolled them up and tied them with a ribbon (sorry I don't have a picture...they went fast too!) I first asked them who was on the $50 bill and only two or three knew. I told them how it would be nice to see more of his face this season (of course they agreed). I then asked them to use use the back to write their Christmas list and plan how they are going to keep gift giving within a reasonable budget this year.  The idea was to see "more green" this Christmas season having enough to save. 

So to go along with that, the month of December is to focus on gifts that are more meaningful for both the giver and the reciever. I have been doing 24 days of Christmas Crafts on my business blog and shared with them the items I have been creating for gifts for people on my list. Then I handed out a special gift to them and told them to remember that
"gifts from the heart are handmade"

It was fun seeing them wearing this around! They are really easy to make.

 Happy Living!!!

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It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life said...

Your pins are just precious! Good job!