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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to Basics

Last week was CRAZY busy around here with it being the last week of school, my week to teach relief society and other events I choose to block out of my memory. We started planning our Provident Living R.S. meeting months ago. I was so prepared {so I thought} already lining up somebody to give the "basic budgeting" class. The man teaching the gardening class was lined up way in advance, and the man doing the basic emergency response class lined up last minute (yes, we panicked a little over that one!), and the counselor over R.S. meetings was already giving her minute on being spiritually prepared. She did a wonderful job pointing out various prophets throughout the scriptures who although they were physically prepared, the reasons were because of their preparedness spiritually. It was such a great perspective! The way the night went was another testimony to me how the Lord always works on our behalf. Weeks ago I thought about doing a handout like this one:

I actually started cutting and sewing them on a Sunday mid-morn for a 5th Sunday combined class I was in charge of, only to realize I wasn't going to have time to finish them. So I set them aside for a later time. That opportunity came after weeks passing of not being able to fill the spot for another teacher. Guess who got  the privilege? Good thing it was on basic budgeting, something I have 20 years experience with or I would have been in BIG trouble. These were easy to whip up. I just included a cute saying to bring across the main point of my mini class:

 Just included one gold coin, enough to make everyone feel rich (hahaha!). It was a hit! You should've seen the expressions on these wonderful women's faces upon my handing them out. I was pleased with the way the class turned out.
The feedback was so positive in regard to all the classes.
I'm always pleasantly amazed that when we put forth the effort, no matter why we think we may be doing something, the Lord will take care of the rest!

May you have a Provident Week!