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Sunday, July 17, 2011


This month is all about fire safety. To encourage preparation in the tragic case of this kind of emergency,  I printed out a piece of Graph Paper like this:

and handed them out. I asked them to go home and draw up a fire escape plan for their home with their families. The following week I asked them to designate a meeting place near their home to keep conection with family members. This week they are to start having fire drills. That simple. That vital.
I broke this up in three parts to walk it through in baby steps. You can encourage this all at once, it's up to you. I feel that when broken up in pieces it is often more effective since there is emphasis given for each part. As always, I encourage you to do what's best for your ward according to prayer.
Hope your week is full of happiness and safety, till next time...
may you find your life more and more provident!