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Friday, December 31, 2010

Provident Living Plan for 2011

January- Welfare and You
1) the Bishop's storehouse  2) humanitarian aid 3) dry pack canning  4) a spiritual matter 5) R.S. presidency choice

February- In case of a Natural Disaster
1) oil in your lamp 2) emergency contact 3) ye shall not fear 4) R.S. presidency choice

March- CPR and Life Saving Skills
1) a matter of life and death 2) classes and options 3) who can you save? 4) R.S. choice

April- 72 hour kits
1) time to update 2) food ideas 3) blessing of being prepared 4) R.S. choice

May- Outdoor fun & Survival
1) hiking, 10 essentials 2) geocashing, using a GPS 3) camping using your 72 hour kit 4) building shelter

June- Water, can't live without it!
1) home storage 2) car storage 3) water preservation 4) 72 hour kits

July- How to prepare for a Fire
1) grab and run bags 2) draw a plan 3) meeting place 4) drills

August- Education, a life long endeavor
1) Further your education (by Pres. Hinkley) 2) increasing your talents 3) blessings and power of knowledge 4) tools for learning

September- Increasing your food supply
1) How much do I need? 2) how long will it keep? 3) a temopral commandment with eternal blessings 4) home canning, a new experience

October- Festive Foods
1)  Using your supply over the Holidays  2) rotate and restock (treating your supply as a grocery store)
3) run and not be weary  4) all things pumpkin

November- Gifts of preparation
1)  ideas for gift giving 2) Count your blessings 3) the gift of the Savior 4) practicality is essential

December- Gifts that keep on giving
1) sthe gift of charity 2) Service, a priceless gift 3) the greatest gift of all 4) the gift of praise

* schedule subject to change as spiritually directed for the needs of the sisters

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