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Friday, December 10, 2010

Gifts on a budget

This month I am encouraging gifts on a budget so we can live within our means. Two weeks ago I shared some gifts I made (as I already told you) and gave each sister a flower pin I whipped up over the weekend. This last Sunday I shared the gifts that I made from what I already had in storage (eg.): canned goods such as Cranberry sauce,  Pie filling, and mixes in a jar. Be sure that if you do mixes in a jar you include the recipes for a handout or at least have a handout with references where they can find the recipes on the internet on their own. I didn't do this, so I will be handing them out this week (by request). Some of my recipes included spiced cider, Mexican hot cocoa mix, fudge brownies, pizza dough, and chicken noodle soup. The nice thing about my doing this, is that my cranberry sauce was ready when I went visiting teaching, and the neighbor's gifts are now all ready to go!

Since I will be teaching R.S. this upcoming week, I have asked the conducting member of the R.S. Presidency to share her testimony on gift giving through service. These sisters are always so willing to do this and it helps others to be involved and the testimonies they share reinforce yours. This also helps others to recognize how they are already living the principles of provident living. I started doing this when I got the calling to teach R.S. so that it would break up my teaching them so I'm not constantly the one they are hearing. I think a variety is refreshing, so even if I were released from teaching, I'de still keep this up. Plus it gives me a little break! 

Hope this gives you some of your own inspiration. If it does, please share! 

                               Have a Happy and Provident Week!  

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