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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Date Night Calendar

When my husband and I were first married, we decided that it was important to keep dating each other. We designated Fridays as our regularly scheduled date nights and committed to always set that time aside for each other. Through the years of marriage, as children came along, it became even more crucial that we keep this promise to each other. While taking a Marriage and Family Relations Course at church a few years ago, and then having an opportunity to team teach, we came across a very inspiring quote from an Ensign article by Elder Joe J. Christensen of the Seventy  it said:

“Keep your courtship alive. Make time to do things together—just the two of you. As important as it is to be with the children as a family, you need regular weekly time alone together. Scheduling it will let your children know that you feel that your marriage is so important that you need to nurture it. That takes commitment, planning, and scheduling” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1995, 86; or Ensign, May 1995, 65).

Although we have been faithful in this commitment over the years, we have found oursleves in somewhat of a date night rut.
 Conversation is never really a problem, we always have plenty to talk about, but we find ourselves doing the same things all the time. Dinner, and/or movie, or theater...which is wonderful, but we need some fresh, planned ideas that we aren't put on the spot to come up with (kinda like dinner preparations the hour before it needs to be on the table). So when I saw this  wonderful idea on Pinterest, I was inspired to calendar out date nights for the year. The idea on Pinterest was different, you can view it HERE, I just modified it to adapt to our needs. You'll notice that most of our dates include food since I like the luxury of somebody making something for me instead of me making it. Each month has a double date included because there are a few friends we love to do things with and because it's such a fun way to get to know friends better. A year or so ago our Stake President asked us to have a Temple trip on our calendar at all times, as a result, each month has a scheduled temple date as well. Sooo,  *Drum roll please!*
Here is our Date  Night Calendar!

Year of Date nights-

January- 1) Chili’s and movie at home

2) Chuck-E-Cheese for games and Burrito Girl

3) Temple and Chevy’s

4) Home improvement shopping at Jerry’s

February-  1) Barnes & Noble  then Marie Calendars for pie and hot cocoa

2) Double date- Culinary Class 

3) Temple and Sweet Tomatoe

4) Bed tent and games at home

March – 1) Dinner at Outback (husband’s birthday celebration) and a movie

2) Temple and Famous Daves

3) Antique shopping in Coburg and Chiefs

4) double date- Kites at the park and polish dogs

April – 1) Raquette ball at YMCA and Shakes

2) Temple and Claim Jumpers

3) Double date-  Movie and shooters at Applebee’s

4) Mini golf

May- Bowling and Sodas

Double date- Temple and Farm Cafe

Coastal overnighter and walk on beach

3 mile run and breakfast at Shari’s

June- 1) Double date- Picnic by the river and first Friday art walk

2) Cuthburt summer theatre

3) Bach Festival

4) Temple and Senor Taco

July-1) Hike Mt. Pisgha and phase 10

2) Saturday Market and cinnamon rolls

3) Temple and St Honore Boulangerie

4) Double Date- Bike ride on path and Mazzi’s Italian food

August- 1)  Double date- Feed the ducks and hoagie sandwich picnic

2) Cold Stone Creamery and poetry reading

3) Temple- Lake Oswego’s Ice creamery

4) Lane County Fair and funnel  cakes

 Sept. – 1) Roller blading

2) Salem Carousel and dessert

3) Double Date- Dollar Movie (7:00 showing) and popcorn

4) Temple and  Chevy’s

Oct. – 1) Double date laser tag and ice cream

2) Dinner at Davis grill

3) Temple and Kurata Japanese sushi

4) Japanese Sushi night at Mashiko’s

Nov. – 1) Manheim Steamroller and desert at Sweet Life

2) ice skating and dinner at Ox and Fin (Oakway Center)

3) Temple and Anniversary dinner at Olive Garden

4) Bijou Art Cinemas

Dec. - 1)Christmas shopping and Panda Express

2) Take a break movie and popcorn

3) Temple and Lavang Vietnamese
Of course we are keeping things flexible seeing that changes often arise with a family. (e.g.- This week we are going to a court of honor and taking one of our sons on our date to Red Robin -his choice- in celebration for his Birthday and his desire for a date with just Mom and Dad.-We will still be including Chuck-E-Cheese for games!) but this is a great springboard for now and has so far suited us just fine. You can find more Date Night ideas HERE.
The best part about dating your spouse is that you can genuinely enjoy one another...none of the first date nervousness and discomforts, instead an increase in love and lifelong friendship with one another. 
                                                             Happy Dating!!
*Added tip- Always have a list of Baby Sitters with their phone numbers by the phone!



Stacy Curran said...

I love "home improvement shopping..." I don't think my husband would go for that one, but it sounds great to me!!

Britney Mills said...

Thank you for this list! We're always looking for good ideas for dates!