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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wrapping up the month of October

We went to the Cannery on Thursday and the turnout was great! New people came and others tried new things, so I think it was a HUGE success. I notice about ever order included dried apples since they were able to try them and see whether they liked them. I think any time you have that kind of reinforcement you know what you have been doing is successful.

Since there were 5 weeks in October, I went ahead and took advantage of it by passing around the cannery sign up again and handing out notes that read:
One thing our family has done to
increase our year supply this





I thought that by doing this it would help to get some feedback as to how effective all my work has been, as well as help people to really think about what they really are doing to prepare their families each month.

Each time we give a provident living minute, we don't need to make it elaborate, we just need to offer encouragement, support and spiritual understanding of the temporal commandment to be prepared.

This Sunday is our Stake Conference, it is giving me time to get things in order for the following and decide how I'm going to kick off November. I'm going to be offering suggestions on how to use your food storage for your Thanksgiving feast. I would love to have any ideas you might have to offer.

Until next time....
Happy Provident Living!

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