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Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Theme-increase your food supply

I die cut these at our local craft store, Ben Franklin. If you use paper you buy there, the die cutting is free. I took paper I had purchased there already from my scrapbook stash and found a die cut box that was small enough to fit 2 on an 81/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock. Used pattern paper to repeat saying over and over on and cut them out to fit across the side of each box. I had this decorative ribbon and jute on hand and stuck a carmel and 5 candy corn in each one. My project loving 9 y.o. helped me assemble them using sticky dots, we put a little filler paper in and the candies and tied them up real cute. The two red ones have sugar free candies in them for the diabetics in our ward. This helps them to set them apart from the others. 

       The note on the front says: Increase your food supply and don't for get the Treats!

Fun time to be creative and use fonts you  never get to use ;-) This idea is to remind people that what we have on hand should be the things that we will daily use and fun foods we eat, we will enjoy even more in an emergency. Such as Chocolate chips. Hot cocoa from the cannery. Granola bars (s'more flavor of course!) and many other fun, quick and easy foods.
 Hope this gets the creative juices flowing. You could also just pass out mini candy bars with the attached saying or a few candies in tiny plastic baggies found in the cake decorating isle. Don't spend a lot of money!

1 comment:

grusher said...

Thanks, Shell!
I'm planning on doing this for Halloween. I already talked to the RS teacher for that week.