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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

72 hour kit handouts

Well, I finally got myself organized in my Provident Living calling after much heartfelt prayer. I wanted to know how to magnify my calling better and inspire the people in our ward to be constantly thinking about ways to keep their families prepared. I decided to post these things specifically for my sister since we share the same calling, although miles and miles apart. I didn't even think about how it could help other people in the same calling for me to have prayed about it on my own.  I hope you can get inspired by the things I share. That will make it all worthwhile. As the needs are different in every area, don't be afraid to pray about inspiration for your individual wards and branches. I'm so enjoying my calling and hope this changes up your perspective a bit.  This is not my regular every day blog, it is especially for projects and calling info. so it will not be updated quite as much as my family one is. The following is what I did for the handout in Sept. My theme for the month was 72 hour kits. I bought fun fall paper from our local michaels and used that for every handout for fall. Just an added touch. I want everything I do to either be little or no money invested, after all...what is the fund for your provident living calling?!
From my old paper route I had a ton of rubberbands and bought the cheapest box of garbage yard bags I could find. Punched out the scallop edge with a stampin' up! punch and sticky dotted the layered papers together. With 9 y.o. help, I had them finished in a jiff!

the lighting is terrible today, so I had to use the flash. The phrase on the spoon says:
Here's the "scoop" update your 72 hr. kit!

This photo is just to show the folded 1/2 sheet I had copied and cut in the library that tells the steps to take in updating a 72 hr. kit. Here is what it says, you can copy and paste it into a word document and use it as you please...change it around as you see fit:

Steps to take in updating your 72 kit :

                                                             (Updates should take place every 6 mos.)
1. Replace all food & water that is not fresh and has or will expire before the next scheduled update.
2. Ensure medication and vitamins are not expired and replace if
3. Update clothing if needed, making certain it fits properly, and change
   diapers sizes for babies (if needed).
4. Double check that documents and credit cards are up to date.
5. Replace Batteries and ensure they are charged & flashlights function
6. Label your kit with the date so you know when it was last updated.
7. Mark your calendar for next update.

After teaching a class a year ago on 72 hr. kits and making sure you update them once every six months to a year, I decided to pass out reminders. This handout was for that. After I handed it out, I told them to let me know if they were needing a list for starting a 72 hr. kit. There is so much online information, you have to weed through it and decide which one is right for your own family. I just give them a basic list and tell them to think of other things they may need by actually using their kits on a campout some time. If you would like a copy of my end product list, let me know and I will gladly send it to you. Leave a comment including your e-mail address. Happy Living!!!

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grusher said...

Thank you for the great ideas! I am trying to get better in my calling and you are helping so much!
Love you!