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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Learning a Life Saver Skill

The month of March, in all it's green glory, slipped right by me! I'm sorry I didn't share my handouts till now. Part of the reason for the delay was the first week being Stake Conference, having a teaching week, a combined Priesthood/ R.S. week and then having fast Sunday the last week of the month. I didn't want to discourage fasting by handing out my latest motivator since it had candy attached, so I will be stringing it into the month of April.
First I staryted off with 52 weeks to Family Preparedness. I will be handing these out each week until we have them all caught up. I'm already getting great feedback on this! You can find out more about that here.

March's theme was focusing on life saving skills. This was the first handout:
I was inspired by the discounted gold coins at our local JoAnne's. The circles were easily punched by a Stampin' up! circle punch and the print was done on textured cardstock using my Hallmark create a card program. {Love this program! Couldn't do half of what I do without it.} The cardstock was then attached using a large sticky dot. (Another essential item in my craft stash.)

This coming week I will be handing out this fun handout:
I actually came up with this idea shortly after creating my schedule for the upcoming year and was excited to finally put it in the creation process.

Hope these ideas are helpful to you in getting people excited about what they can be doing to Prepare themselves and their families. Have a happy preparedness week!!

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DotsofDelight said...

What great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing. :-)