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Friday, August 20, 2010

Closet Reorginization


My mother came and while she was here, organized my vaccum/scrapbooking/craft & sewing closet. It didn't stay nice as long as I'de hoped although the basic organization was still intact. I then realized that the solution was in making more shelves so that I wasn't stacking things on top of each other and which also allow easier access to what I needed. So, that's when this project became serious. I got busy and added more shelves using plywood and 2X2s we already had in the garage. It was actually rather fun, no cost, and the results were so rewarding in the end! It's so much easier to keep things in their places now.I love when I can apply my energies to things so worthwhile!


Amazing what adding a few shelves and organizers will do, isn't it? I have so much floor space. It's wonderful! Now, time for a new ironing board cover, wouldn't you say?! Happy Organizing!


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